A message from our SVP & Managing Director, Gayle Pazos.

Updated: 07/10/21  

It’s a great feeling to be back home. Thank you to all our customers and employees for your warm welcome. I’m truly impressed with the way the team has responded over the last year as we continue to operate in a challenging environment.

Your safety remains our top priority.

Things have escalated over the past few weeks and, as we work through this third wave, our customers, the economy and the country are depending on us to keep essential financial services and payment systems running. I thank our employees for their professionalism and resilience. They continue to show up day after day and remain committed to being there for our customers.

To our customers; thank you for banking @ home using our safe and secure Digital Banking options for your everyday transactions.

In the past year, we’ve seen an increase of over half a million more online and mobile transactions versus the prior year! This is a true testament of your confidence in our digital platforms. Our newly expanded ATM footprint provides an additional 24/7 service for those of you who need to withdraw cash or make deposits.

I commend you all for your cooperation and understanding throughout this evolving situation. We thank you as we know the road ahead is challenging. We will get through this together.

Please stay home, stay safe and continue to protect yourself and your family.


Gayle Pazos
SVP & Managing Director
Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Ltd.