Find a variety of loan and financing solutions tailored to your personal needs.

Whether you're buying a car, renovating your home, paying for your education or travelling the world, we can help you select the products and services that will minimise your borrowing costs and maximise your opportunities.

Scotiabank has a variety loans and lines of credit to help you achieve your long- and short-term financial and personal goals.

Loans and Lines of Credit

Scotiabank offers a full range of borrowing products so you can buy the things you need when you need them.

Scotia Plan Loan

  • A reliable loan that you can customize to your changing needs
  • Choose the repayment schedule that suits you
  • Select a payment amount that actually saves you interest
  • Set up automatic payments deductions
  • Enjoy longer terms and smaller monthly payments

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Scotiabank Car Loan

  • A comprehensive suite of products that will make purchasing that new or used car easier than you think!
  • Enjoy extended terms and competitive rates
  • Get up to 100% financing and start driving sooner
  • Minimum down payment of 10%Flexible rates

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Scotiabank Personal Line of Credit

  • An excellent way to give yourself some added financial flexibility
  • Get unrestricted access to your credit whenever you need it
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Complimentary ScotiaLine personalized cheques
  • Make payments as low as interest only and keep more cash in your pocket

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Scotiabank Gold Personal Line of Credit

  • Enjoy the financial freedom of having available credit to make those special purchases
  • Get instant access to your credit whenever you need it
  • Enjoy an interest rate lower than most personal loans
  • Payments as low as interest only
  • Once it's yours, it's yours for life

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Let us help you get closer to your dream of homeownership.

Scotiabank Mortgage Solutions
  • Your dreams of owing your own home are closer to coming true with our trusted mortgage specialist and subsidiaries:
  • Bank of Nova Scotia Trinidad and Tobago offers affordable terms
  • Buy new with as little as 10% down

Speak to a mortgage specialist today to learn more

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