ScotiaLine Rates & Fees

Rates and fees for your ScotiaLine line of credit.

Last updated: April 2020

ScotiaLine Rates & Fees

Annual Fee
Late Payment Fee
Cash Advance
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) 
Replacement/Additional Statement
Annual Fee Co-borrower
Over Limit Fee 
Stop Cheque Fee 
Retrieval of Items 
Minimum Payment 
2.00% - 3.00%, min $300.00

All charges are inclusive of Financial Services Tax 15% unless stated otherwise. Please note that while the Bank makes every effort to keep charges to a minimum, they are subject to review.

Rates and fees are subject to intermittent review. Changes to terms and conditions, interest rates, fees and charges may be highlighted as follows:

  • Notice on website
  • Email 

The information displayed may not include all retail fees and services charges, only those applicable to standard banking transactions.

You may get all information about the fees and service charges listed above or those not covered by calling our Contact Centre at 62-SCOTIA (627-2684) or visiting your nearest Branch.