Scotiabank No Fee Visa Classic

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Credit Life Protecction

US $25,000

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You want the freedom of a credit card with no annual fee!

  • Scotiabank No Fee Visa Classic® gives you all the benefits of Visa® with no annual fee for the first year, and none ever if your purchases amount to an average of at least TTD 1,250 monthly.

  • You can add up to three additional cards for your family and friends and, as long as you meet the annual spending requirement, they will be NO FEE too!

  • Free, personalised Convenience Cheques that you can use just like your personal cheques to make purchases, pay utility bills or get cash at a teller window

  • Peace of mind with emergency services available through Visa International Service Centre

  • Provide your family with financial comfort in the event of your death with optional, low-cost Credit Life Protection for up to US$15,000 in the event of death

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    You want to be free from annual fees.

    Annual Fee:

    New! $0

    Credit Life Protection


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