Scotiabank Switch Kit

Transferring your existing accounts to Scotiabank is easy. The Scotiabank Switch Kit gives you all the tools you need to make your transition a smooth one. Simply follow the steps below and you'll soon be enjoying the benefits of transferring your existing banking business to Scotiabank.

STEP ONE: Gather your information.

Use the handy checklist [PDF: 32 Kb] to prepare your current banking information such as pre-authorized deposits and payments.

STEP TWO: Open a new Scotiabank account

Scotiabank offers a range of day-to-day banking solutions that can help you to meet your unique financial needs. Our staff can help you understand all the products and services we offer. Contact us, or visit your local Scotiabank branch for more information.

To prepare for your call or visit to the branch, use this handy Preferences Form [PDF: 41 Kb] to help our staff determine what bank account will best suit your needs. Before you call or visit your branch, be sure to have at hand two valid forms of ID of which;

  • One must be picture-bearing/government issued (e.g. Passport, National ID Card, or Drivers license).
  • The second form may be corroborative (e.g. Employee ID Card, Birth Certificate).

STEP THREE: You are now ready to make the switch!

Download the Scotiabank Switch Kit forms which include how to:

If you are not receiving your payroll automatically consider setting one up.

STEP FOUR: Now you can close your old bank account. 

Download and complete the Close Account Form:

Were here to help.

Contact us or visit your nearest Scotiabank branch for more information about the Scotiabank Switch Kit or any other Scotiabank product or service.

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