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Everyday Bank Accounts

Total Access Account 
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Electronic Access Account
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Payroll Access Account
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Total Access Senior 
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Electronic Access Youth 
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Savings Accounts

Primary Savings Account 
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Signature Savings Account
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Primary Savings Foreign Currency
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Primary Savings Junior 
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Scotiabank Savings Reward Plan (SSRP)
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If you're new to Scotia, you can open one online in 20 mins. Be sure to have all your documents scanned and ready. Once you've completed the online process, make an appointment to visit your selected branch to authenticate your account and you're GTG!

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Banking for Seniors

If you’re 55 years or older, you pay no monthly fees and you can bank in person with 12 FREE in-branch/cheque transactions. Get 24/7 access to your money by using Scotia ATMs, the Scotia Caribbean App or Scotia OnLine Banking.

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