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We're so proud of all of you who showed up, ready to learn at our 2023 Digital Seniors Training Series.

Over 250 customers showed up and showed out at our branches across Trinidad and Tobago in our third year of hosting the Digital Seniors Training Series. Our Digital Advisors and members of our Corporate Security Team educated registrants on how to safely use the internet and stay alert when browsing the World Wide Web. Seniors also learned how to customise Scotiabank Alerts (receive push notifications via the Scotia Caribbean App and/ or emails for transactions on their accounts), add bill payees, transfer recipients, pay bills, transfer funds, pay their credit card, view e-statements and more!

Richard Edoo, Vice President, Retail Banking and Small Business engages with a customer.

Kavita Badall, Head, Customer Experience and Premium Banking reminds customers to reach out to our Digital Advisors for help whenever they need.

Joanne Acevero, Director, Corporate Security, joins the training session at Lowlands, Tobago via video conference.

Diana Price-Campbell, Assistant Manager, Service and Support, San Juan guides a customer on the Scotia Caribbean App.

Shania Coker walks a customer through OnLine Banking.

Laura Sinanan walks a Senior customer through the steps of OnLine Banking.

Natalia Sundersingh moderates the how-to session.

A Senior customer logs in to the Scotia Caribbean App.

Bank any day, any time using our digital banking channels.

Follow our easy how-to guides.

Step-by-step guides

Get started with our easy how-to online banking guides.

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Scotia OnLine Banking

Manage your everyday banking from your laptop or desktop PC. 

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Scotia Caribbean App

Be in the know,
while you bank on the go.

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Convenient and accessible banking throughout Trinidad & Tobago.

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Online banking tips.

How to create a password

Create a strong password by using a unique word or phrase that you will easily remember. Your password should be a combination of numbers and both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as symbols, such as an exclamation point or a question mark. The more complex your password is, the stronger it will be.

Protect yourself from Phishing Scams.

"Phishing" is a type of identity theft where criminals use email or messages to try to bait you into clicking on fake, unsecure websites or pop-up windows. 

The most familiar type of phishing scam is an e-mail threatening serious consequences if you do not log in and act immediately.

Learn how you can protect yourself from Phishing Scams.

How to reset your online banking password

If you've forgotten your password and need to reset it, you can do so now by entering your username into our OnLine Banking login page

Select “Forgot your password?'' and follow the on-screen instructions.

NOTE: If you don't have a registered email on your profile, please visit your nearest branch.

How to print your account statement

Sign in to Scotia OnLine Banking. On the "account overview" page, click the "Settings" icon on the menu and select “Online Statements" from the dropdown. On the "Online Statements" page choose an account and select the month to view the statement. See our step by step guide.


Understand the safety and security of online banking and your obligations to help protect against fraud.

Did You Know?
More than half of all Scotiabank transactions already take place through online and mobile. 

Online banking is not a new development – it's at the heart of how we operate, and we are committed to keeping your accounts and financial information safe and secure. 

As part of this commitment, we have a number of security measures to help ensure the integrity of your transactions and your account information. 

You can learn more about our Online Security Guarantee and your obligations, and all of the ways we protect your accounts in our Security Centre.

We offer a free service that will help you protect your accounts. You can monitor your accounts for unusual activity with Scotiabank Alerts

Report any suspicious activity immediately, by calling (868) 627-2684.

Do more banking tasks using our ATMs and telephone banking.

Many people are surprised to learn how many day-to-day banking activities can be performed either on the telephone or at the ATM. 

Learn more about the things you can do at the ATM.

You can use telephone banking from your landline or mobile phone to pay bills, transfer money, and check your account balances. Learn more about telephone banking.

Seniors make up a large portion of our customer base. Their health and safety continues to be a major focus for us as they are the most vulnerable in our communities. We’re committed to developing initiatives to help them get their banking done remotely, reducing touch points so they can stay home and stay safe.  

Seniors are also eligible for the Total Access Account which offers zero monthly fees.
Learn more about the Total Access Senior Account.

What our customers are saying.


I find using the NEW Scotia Caribbean App so stress-free, I am a senior and don't have too much experience with technology but using the app is so easy. I have been doing all of our banking online for the last 2 or more years.” 

69 year old Scotiabank Customer, Port of Spain

I’ve always had a good OnLine experience with Scotia.  I am not the most tech-savvy, but I love Scotia OnLine banking.  I’m able to see all of my account activity, I can download my account statements and check my bill payment history quickly to make sure I haven't forgotten to pay something that month. I didn’t think it would be so easy and I’m so happy I decided to give it a try.

72 year old Scotiabank Customer, Chaguanas

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