Scotiabank in the Caribbean and Central America

Scotiabank has been part of the Caribbean and Central America region since 1889 when the Bank opened its first office in Kingston, Jamaica to support the trade of rum sugar and fish. This was the first time a Canadian bank had opened a branch outside the U.K. or the U.S. Scotiabank had a branch in Kingston before the Bank opened a branch in Toronto, Canada, where the Bank's Executive Offices are now located. 

Some 120 plus years later, Scotiabank is the leading bank in the Caribbean and Central America, with operations in 25 countries, including affiliates. Scotiabank is the only Canadian bank with operations in four five of the seven Central American countries, namely Costa Rica, Belize and Panama.

Scotiabank Facts: 
  • Scotiabank employs 7,765 people in the region
  • Serves more than two million customers
  • About 99% of employees are hired locally
  • There are 294 branches and over 655 automated banking machines (ATMs) throughout the region

The Bank's international strategy focuses on investing resources in high-potential markets where Scotiabank anticipates solid, long-term economic growth and increasing demands for financial services. Scotiabank prides itself on leveraging the best Canadian sales and service practices to retain and attract high-value customers abroad. The Bank's core purpose is to be the best at helping customers become financially better off by providing relevant solutions to meet their unique needs.