Board of Directors

As a global and publicly traded financial institution, Scotiabank recognizes the need to adhere to best practices in Trinidad and Tobago and international corporate governance. Sound Corporate Governance Policies and practices are important to add shareholder value and maintain the confidence of depositors and investors alike.

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Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Limited Board of Directors as at November 2020

Anya M. Schnoor B.A; M.B.A
Executive Vice President, Caribbean, Central America and Uruguay
International Banking
The Bank of Nova Scotia

Stephen Bagnarol M.B.A. CFA 
Senior Vice President and Head, South and East Caribbean 

Roxane De Freitas B.A.
Chief Executive Officer, Massy Stores, Trinidad

Wendy – Fae Thompson B.Sc., LL.B.,L.E.C.
Managing Counsel, BP Trinidad and Tobago LLC

Lisa Mackenzie F.C.C.A., C.A.
Finance and Administration Director and Co-Owner, Access & Security Solutions Ltd.

Steve Ragobar F.C.C.A., C.A.
Chartered Accountant

Alan Fitzwilliam, B.A.
Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer, F.T. Farfan Limited

Derek Hudson
Vice President, Shell Trinidad and Tobago

David Thomas B.Eng; M.B.A. 

John Hadad B.Sc.
Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer