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Step by Step Guides

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How-to enroll

in Scotia OnLine
Avg. set up time: 20 mins.

Register for OnLine Banking anywhere. All you need is  a smart device.

How-to customize Scotiabank Alerts 
Avg. set up time: 10 mins.

Get ATM withdrawal Alerts, point of sale Alerts, set future dated transaction reminders, turn your credit card ON or OFF and more. 

How-to access
Avg. set up time 5 minutes.

View, access and organize electronic account statements whenever you need.

How-to Add a Bill Payee 
Avg. set up time: 15 mins.

One time is all you need. Add payees and recipients and get started today.

Pay a Bill
Avg. time: 3 mins

Set it and forget it. Set recurring bill payments and never miss a payment date again.

How-to Add a Transfer Recipient 
Avg. set up time: 15 mins.

One time is all you need. Add payees and recipients and get started today.

Transfer Funds 
Avg. time: 3 mins

Keep track of your money electronically. Send and Receive funds straight to accounts.

How-to Pay
your Credit Card
Avg. time: 3 mins

Pay your Credit Card from the comfort of your home.

How-to open a NEW account
Avg. set up time: 10 mins.

Open a NEW account using Scotia OnLine Banking

How-to Top up
your Mobile 
Avg. time: 5 mins

Top up your Digicel mobile anytime, anywhere. 

Here's what you can do.

Scotia OnLine Banking features.

Pay Bills

Pay your water, electric, internet bills and more.

Transfer Funds

Pay your credit card, transfer funds between your accounts or to people at other banks in Trinidad & Tobago. 

Download Statements 

Download debit and credit card account statements. 

Receive Alerts

Configure Scotiabank Alerts and receive notifications on account transactions. 

Credit Cards Controls

Turn credit cards on or off. Set transaction limits. Restrict international or internet transactions. 

View Account Activity

View up to the minute account activity such as purchases, deposits, payments and transfers.

View Balances

View account balances and transaction history on your debit or credit card accounts. 

Top Up Your Mobile

Top up your Digicel mobile device.

Frequently asked questions.

Scotia OnLine Banking FAQs

Scotia OnLine Banking is Scotiabank’s Internet Banking service that enables customers to conduct a range of financial transactions through a laptop, desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Scotia OnLine allows you to:

  • Pay Bills
  • Transfer Funds (Pay your credit card, transfer funds between your accounts or to people at other banks in
    Trinidad & Tobago)
  • Download Statements
  • Receive Alerts
  • Configure Credit Card Controls
  • Setup & Configure Alerts
  • View Account Activity
  • View Account Balances
  • Top up your mobile

Scotiabank is committed to ensure that your online and mobile financial transactions are kept confidential and secure.

Scotiabank has 19 million customers worldwide who complete millions of transactions online every day. Scotiabank does this by: 1) Using the best security practices to protect the information you send or receive from our sites. 2) Maintaining firewalls which protect our online & mobile environments all the time. 3) Using additional security features for key transactions (I.e. Access codes, verification questions and/or images, tokens in some countries, and time out sessions). 4) Designing our web sites so your sensitive information is not displayed (I.e. account and credit card numbers)

Anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

No. Scotia OnLine Banking is a free service available to all Scotiabank Personal Banking customers.

To sign up for Scotia OnLine Banking you will need to be a current customer and have your personal identification card, laptop/desktop, debit/credit card and email address, handy.

For detailed instructions, please check out the  step-by-step guide on How to Enroll in Scotia OnLine.

Click the red “sign in” button that can be found at the top right-hand corner of every page.

Yes. Our Scotia Caribbean app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

New accounts and credit cards will be automatically added and will be visible upon signing into Scotia OnLine Banking.

Your savings, chequing, credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, lines of credit and term deposits can be accessed on Scotia OnLine.

If you suspect or know that your password has been lost, stolen or otherwise tampered with, immediately re-select a new password by using the "Change Password" option under the "Settings" section. If you suspect that your accounts have been tampered with, please contact a Customer Service Representative and report it immediately.

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