Our Online Security Guarantee

We will fully reimburse you in the unlikely event that you suffer direct financial losses due to unauthorized activity1 in your accounts through Scotia OnLine Financial Services2 provided you have met your security responsibilities.

As part of our commitment to keep your accounts and information safe and secure, we have instituted a number of security measures to help ensure the integrity of your transactions and your account information, including:

  • Meeting high industry Internet security standards by enforcing the use of 128-bit encryption browsers.
    This ensures that your information passes between your personal computer and the Bank's computers securely, preventing others from being able to read or tamper with your account activity.

  • Installing firewalls and monitoring our systems to prevent unauthorized access to our internal systems and maintain the safety of your information.

  • Developing and implementing security enhancements to further protect Scotia OnLine information and sessions.
    We offer an extra level of security protection by displaying the date and time of the last online visit, whenever you login to Scotia OnLine. On top of this, we provide security features like:

    1. Remember My Card Feature
      This handy feature allows you to securely save your ScotiaCard Visa Debit card number on your computer so that you do not need to have your ScotiaCard Visa Debit card with you or enter this information each time you want to sign-on. If you use this feature, your card number is stored in encrypted and masked formats so that others cannot read it. This feature will not save your password.

      If you are using a public access computer or a shared computer with other individuals, it is recommended that you do not use the Remember My Card feature.

      For more information, please see our Remember My Card page.

    2. Timeout
      If you're away from Scotia OnLine for more than 10 minutes, an interruption to the Scotia OnLine session will occur. You will then be required to sign back into Scotia OnLine with your password.

    3. Reference Numbers
      After every transaction, we provide a reference number. This will help you and us in any inquiries you may have.

    4. Masked Account Numbers
      You may have your account numbers partially masked by asterixis. Therefore, "Shoulder Surfers" will not see your entire account number either on screen or on any print outs.

    5. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
      MFA is an extra layer of security, which ensures that only you can access your bank accounts. It's FREE and it is a simple way to help prevent unauthorized account access and identity theft. Setup takes approximately 5 minutes.

      When you enrol in MFA, you will select five secret Authentication Questions and submit answers to them. When you log in we will check the computer you are using to access our Internet Banking System MFA remembers which computer you normally use, giving you additional protection against unauthorized individuals logging into your accounts.

      For more information on MFA please visit our MFA FAQ section for more details.
      If you need assistance or have any questions about MFA, call us at 1-888-991-BNSJ (2675).