A message from Katishe Serrette
Vice President- AML/ATF Compliance

As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, bad actors (such as fraudsters and scammers) are working to exploit the crisis to facilitate Fraud and Cyber crime in order to profit from misinformation, consumers' fears and uncertainties.

Protect yourself and your loved ones. Beware of:


Coronavirus themed malicious Apps and websites, fake “Government departments” or alleged Financial Institutions sending out coronavirus-themed phishing emails to trick you into opening attachments or revealing sensitive personal details to access grants /relief.  Rely on trusted sources and modes to receive information.


Fraudulent Charities requesting money for affected persons, products/research or offering free medical products (e.g. masks) for a donation.


Questionable offers such as: miracle cures, herbal remedies, vaccinations and faster testing.


Companies offering cleaning and other products services or air filters or decontamination services to protect you from COVID-19


Potential Skimming at Point of Sale terminals - Keep your card in sight, stay vigilant during Point of Sale Purchase and at ABMs.


Fake and deceptive online ads, including cleaning products, hand sanitizers other items currently in high demand, as well as high-priced or low-quality products purchased in bulk by consumers and resold for profit.


Private companies

- Offering fast COVID-19 tests for sale (Listen to Health Officials guidance on the right test and who can conduct same for reliable results)

- Selling fraudulent products that claim to treat or prevent the disease (Unapproved drugs threaten public health and violate local laws)


Threats to our vulnerable in society such as elderly or children – be extra vigilant and warn your family members about these scams. DO remind vulnerable customers of safe banking practices they can follow to conduct their business.

And always report anything which you think might be suspicious to the relevant authorities.


Katishe Serrette

Vice President- AML/ATF Compliance