Convert your home builder loan to a mortgage. 


Home Builder Loan

Upon completion of the building project within the given timeline of 18 months, it is time to convert your home builder loan to a mortgage.

You will require:


Final appraisal and Quantity Surveyor's reports from the bank-approved panel indicating completion.


Government Completion Certificate/Occupancy Permit on file.


Certificate of Property Insurance.

During the construction period, you will be assigned a Home Builder Specialist who will support you throughout the construction project, providing guidance, oversight and subject matter expertise.

It is very important that the construction project is completed within 18 months. If not completed within this timeframe, your monthly interest rate may increase.



Ensure your building project is completed within the specific time.


Once construction has been completed prior to 18 months, your home builder loan can be converted to a mortgage.


When converting to a mortgage, you can:

  • Lower your monthly payment by amortizing over 30 years to fit your budget.
  • Protect your loved ones with optional credit life insurance. You can be sure that your mortgage will be paid off in the event of death.
  • Find out from your Sales Officer how you can prepay your mortgage without penalty.

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