Loan approval process requirements. 


Home Builder Loan

red check

Construction contract

green check

Property Appraisal Form

purple check

Architect’s Certificate or Quantity Surveyor’s Report

pink check

Evidence of Builder's Insurance/All Risk Insurance

green check

Building Permits/Planning approvals

orange check

Approved municipal plan (where applicable)

blue check

Up to date property tax

pink check

Certificate of Title/Mortgage Deed

orange check

Evidence of clear title

blue check

Drawdown schedule, timeframe and expected date of completion

Once the loan is approved and you’ve signed all loan agreement documents and a charge is registered on the property, you are ready for Step 4.



Have in place your down payment and contingency funds in your Scotiabank account for the sole purpose of the loan.


Remember, you will need funds to cover insurance costs during the construction period along with your other living expenses and debt.

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