Scotia Trinidad & Tobago Short-Term Income Fund

Convenience, diversification, low risk. 

This Fund seeks to provide investors with quarterly income and daily liquidity by investing in short-term debt instruments.

Fund risk: low

   Why invest in the Trinidad and Tobago Short Term Income Fund?

  • This Fund provides stability by investing in high-quality money market instruments and short-term, fixed-income securities.
  • This Fund offers liquidity and no lockout period by investing in securities that can be easily transacted.
  • This Fund seeks to provide a quarterly distribution.

Additional features.


Ensure diversification and reduced volatility with investments in government and corporate paper with multiple maturity terms.


Quarterly income and liquidity with a high level of safety from a diversified portfolio of fixed income instruments—with no lock-out period.


Invest for the short term in a diversified fund without a large capital outlay.

Pre-authorized contributions

Set up a Pre-Authorized Contribution (PAC) to regularly invest in Funds. Investing regularly is one of the simplest ways to take advantage of market volatility and reduce the risks of market timing.

Professional management

Scotia Investments’ Fund Managers have been managing portfolios for over 20 years. They maintain a disciplined approach to fixed income investing that focuses on credit quality, duration and the interest rate cycle.

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