Scotia Global Equity Fund

Investment objective

Provides capital appreciation over the long-term by investing primarily in the equity securities of companies located around the world.

Fund risk: med-high

Reasons for investing

Global exposure

  • Concentrated actively managed, core Global equity fund with exposure to companies in both developed and emerging markets.

Bottom-up fundamental research

  • Invests in high quality, well managed businesses with sustainable competitive advantages, strong balance sheets and a solid track record of value creation.

Disciplined core investment style

  • Disciplined investment process based on fundamental analysis and a long-term perspective to provide consistent risk-adjusted returns, upside participation and downside protection compared to the benchmark.

Additional features.

Active management

An investment approach grounded in original research and insight with a focus on insulating market noise and avoiding emotional extremes and urges.


A very flexible portfolio that is not limited by geography, industry, or market capitalization.


Invest for the long term in a well diversified and professionally managed fund without a large capital outlay. Investments can be made in either USD or CAD.

Investing, not renting

An investment philosophy based on buying a fractional ownership interest in a business, geared towards long term investing. 

Pre-authorized contributions (PAC)

Set up a Pre-Authorized Contribution (PAC) to regularly invest in Funds. Investing regularly is one of the simplest ways to take advantage of market volatility and reduce the risks of market timing.

Professional management

Portfolio Manager Dana Love has more than 25 years of portfolio management experience focusing on global equity investments. Mr. Love is also Head of the Core Global Equity Team at Scotia Global Asset Management, which has over 100 years of combined experience managing a range of global, international, and emerging markets equity portfolios.

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