Scotia Trinidad & Tobago Fixed Income Fund: Distribution announcement March 31, 2023.

Scotia Trinidad and Tobago Fixed Income Fund: Distribution announcement

On March 31, 2023, the Scotia Trinidad & Tobago Fixed Income Fund (the Fund) paid out income to unitholders of the Fund, in the form of a distribution, at a rate of $0.01 per share.

Details are as follows:

Date of Record: Holders of class AT and IT with a positive number of units as of the close of business day on March 28, 2023 were eligible for the distribution.

Date of Payment: Distributions were paid out on March 31, 2023

Period of coverage for this distribution: The time frame spans December 28, 2022 through March 28, 2023.

Form of payment: Distributions were automatically reinvested in additional units of the same class of the Fund held by a unitholder, unless the Manager or its agent received written instructions from the unitholder to pay cash distributions.

Frequency of distribution: The Fund intends to pay a quarterly distribution, as determined by the Fund Managers. These distributions are not guaranteed and may change at any time at the discretion of the Fund Managers. Please refer to the prospectus of the Fund for further details.