Opportunities to increase your sales with confidence

Scotiabank's international trade specialists partner with you to ensure that you receive payment when you sell goods to a foreign buyer. That means you can take advantage of opportunities to increase your sales with confidence.

In addition to offering traditional services, such as letters of credit and documentary collections, our team regularly analyses export finance trends to ensure we are at the forefront of new developments and services in the world of trade finance.

Export Letters of Credit
Ship merchandise and present your documents in conformity with an export letter of credit and you can set up a guarantee to receive payment from the issuing bank.

Documentary Collections
Reduce processing time and accelerate payment with a direct collections approach.

Standby Letters of Credit
SBLCs are written undertakings given by a bank (Issuing Bank), at the request of an Applicant (which can be another bank) to provide security or an indemnity to the beneficiary as a contingency for the other contracting party’s default under an underlying performance or financial contract.

Scotiabank can help by issuing a SBLC on your behalf in any country where we have a local presence. In addition, a wide network of correspondent banks can issue SBLCs locally on our behalf in those countries where Scotiabank is not present.  

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