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Bonds & Guarantees 

Information on Bonds and Guarantees is available under International Trade, but can include below information on Custom Bonds and Cheque Guarantee Bonds.

  • Custom Bonds – Used to assist customers with the clearance of their shipments prior to the payment of their duties.
  • Cheque Guarantee Bonds – Enable Customers to issue cheques to Customs without having them certified by the Bank.

Our solutions help stabilise your business, giving you the freedom to seize emerging opportunities.

Working Capital

  • Maintain enough capital to operate
  • To weather seasonal ups & downs
  • To act on growth opportunities
  • Demand Loans (U.S. Dollar and Local Currency)
  • Overdraft Protection

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Term Financing

  • Flexible repayment terms
  • A fixed monthly repayment amount
  • Competitive fixed or floating interest rates
  • Achieve your long-term growth objectives
  • Invest in business improvements or
  • Explore options for refinancing existing debt

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Risk Management

  • Protect your business from adverse currency fluctuations
  • Diversify with foreign currency savings accounts
  • Use derivatives to convert liabilities in one currency to another
  • Use derivatives to convert the floating rate into a fixed rate
  • Use derivatives that cap the maximum floating rate

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Structured Finance

  • Supporting your cross-border purchase requirements
  • Risk mitigating tools and techniques
  • Short-term and longer-term financing
  • Presence in more than 55 international markets
  • Corporate, project or soverign loans in local currency, U.S dollors or Euros.

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Investment Banking

  • Fully licensed investment banking arm in the Caribbean and Central America
  • Short & long-term capital sourced from other investment pools
  • Alternative debt and equity options
  • Specialized services and advice

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