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Deposit Insurance Corporation (DIC):

Deposits in Trinidad and Tobago are insured by the DIC against loss should the bank where it is held fail. The insurance covers up to $125,000 per deposit. For more information please visit:

TTD Current Account

  • Receive payment for daily operations
  • Make in-branch deposits and transactions
  • Receive detailed periodic statements for all account transactions
  • Arrange pre-authorized payments
  • Withdraw cash and deposit payments
  • Customize business cheques

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Foreign Currency Account

  • Cheques and payments in major international currencies
  • Reduce your exposure to exchange rate fluctuations
  • Deposit funds, withdraw cash and pay bills in foreign currencies
  • Receive detailed periodic statements for all account transactions
  • Pay for services according to usage

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Saving and Investing

Our solutions ensure that your surplus funds earn competitive rates of interest.

Business Savings Account

  • Earn a competitive rate of interest on your daily balances
  • Readily access your funds
  • Increase your returns with higher rates for higher balances
  • Deposit funds and withdraw cash as business opportunities arise
  • Receive detailed account statements for all transactions

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Term Deposits

  • Choose the most convenient term for your investments
  • Earn a competitive interest rate
  • Offer security and flexibility
  • Generate a stable rate of return

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