Fixed Term

What are your investment needs?

Before you decide which tenor is right for your company, it's important to consider:

Cash flow projections

Reviewing your company's cash flow projections

Set aside funds 

Setting aside funds over the long term to benefit from a higher rate

Additional Income 

Earning additional monthly income

Redeemable annually or at maturity

These safe and secure investments are available in a full range of terms and currencies and are redeemable annually or at maturity. With our Fixed Term Deposits you will earn our highest available guaranteed rate of interest, based on the term selected. Generally, the longer the term, the higher the rate of interest.

Available Terms:
31-59 days 180-364 days 3 years
60-89 days 1 year 4 years
90-179 days 2 years 5 years

Minimum Balance Required: $25,000 TTD or $5,000 USD

Early Redemption Allowed: Redeemable at Maturity Only

Interest Payment Frequency: At maturity or annually for terms of 2 years or more

Available Currencies: TTD, USD

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