About the Foundation

The Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Foundation is committed to investing in our communities in Trinidad and Tobago. Guided by our purpose, For Every Future, we believe our success is inherently tied to the success of the communities we serve.  Our investment in young people is focused to have meaningful and measurable impact on the lives of future generations.

Through partnerships with registered charitable organizations, we support events and programmes in the areas of education, life skills development, sport and the environment, to ensure that young persons have access to opportunities to realize their full potential.

The Patron of the Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Foundation is former First Lady of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Mrs. Zalayhar Hassanali, who also functions at the Patron of the Scotiabank Women Against Breast Cancer Programme.

Participate, donate, volunteer or just enjoy one of our events happening in your community.

Giving back

mel gabriel

Prevention and early detection starts with you. 


Scotiabank Women Against Breast Cancer.

Committed to making an impact and investing in a better future for our young people.


Scotiabank | UWI Scholarships.

Planting the seeds for a sustainable tomorrow. 


Scotiabank and Food Sustainability.

Investing and creating opportunities for the future. 


Scotiabank and The Princess Elizabeth Home for Handicapped Children.

wicket and ball

Committed to developing our young cricketers, on and off the field.


Scotiabank NextGen Cricket Development Programme.

Need to make a request?

To request funding, please submit a detailed proposal, complete the Foundation Funding Request Form and email to: 

Cindy Mohammed          

General Manager | Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Foundation 


Cheryl Hernandez 

Foundation Officer | Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Foundation