ScotiaCard FAQs

FAQs for ScotiaCardTM Visa* Debit with Chip Technology

The ScotiaCard with Visa Debit is an enhanced version of the existing ScotiaCard that allows you to access funds in your account to make purchases anywhere Visa is accepted. Now that you’re a part of Visa’s worldwide network, you’ll enjoy greater security and access.

Locally, your ScotiaCard™ Visa Debit can be used at any ATM or Point of Sale machine that’s on the LINX network – if asked, just flip the card over and show the Merchant the LINX logo.

Your ScotiaCard™ can be used to shop online, locally. Find out more here.

At this time, purchases on international websites are restricted.

Internationally, your ScotiaCard™ Visa Debit can be used in person, at any Plus ATM or Point of Sale where Visa is accepted. 

ScotiaCard is now a Visa Debit Card that you can use wherever Visa is accepted.

Plus is the name of a network of ATMs affiliated with Visa, whereas Cirrus is Mastercard’s network. Thanks to this partnership, you’ll have access to over one million ATMs across the world. Just look for a Visa or Plus logo on the machine.

As part of Scotiabank’s digital focus and with the increased need for protection against fraud, we're going the extra mile to protect our customers. The ScotiaCard™ Visa DEBIT, helps to provide added security against counterfeit purchases or the use of lost and stolen cards. It puts you in control with enhanced security. 

The CVV2 number is the three digits you can find on the back of your card. You may be asked to provide this number as a security measure when shopping online to confirm that you are in possession of the card. This is a precaution to avoid any fraudulent usage. However, at this time shopping online is limited to purchases on local e-commerce websites only. Learn more here.

Now that we’ve added the most enhanced protection possible using chip technology, your card is valid until the month printed on the card. Once you’re close to the time when your new ScotiaCard Visa Debit expires, you’ll be issued a new one.

  1. Insert the ScotiaCard Visa DEBIT in the POS device and keep it in the device to enable authorization. 
  2. Follow the prompts on the screen and enter the PIN to verify transaction. 
  3. When the transaction is complete, you'll be prompted to remove the card. 

Things to Know:

  • Register and use Scotia OnLine Banking or the Scotia Caribbean App and get real time messages about all of your account activity with Transaction Alerts, Security Alerts and Credit Card Controls. Set up Scotiabank Alerts today.
  • Funds are automatically deducted from your designated account
  • You must have funds in your deposit account to cover cost of your purchase(s)


Even though you can use the card wherever Visa is accepted, the funds must be available in your designated primary account to cover the cost of your purchases. Unlike a credit card, it’s not possible to defer your payments until later.

Although your card comes with plenty of benefits, you can’t use it for bookings via telephone or payments on international
e-commerce websites. 

Yes. To protect you against fraudulent use of the card, we have imposed a daily limit. To find out yours, contact your branch.

When you open a deposit account, you will automatically receive one. 

If you and your spouse are joint account holders, then he/she is eligible for the new ScotiaCard Visa Debit.

You can direct any questions or concerns about the ScotiaCard Visa Debit to your local branch or email There’s also a phone number on the back of your card should you need to report a lost or stolen card. Whether you’re travelling or at home, we have provided you with a local and international number.

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