Bank Request for Information (RFI) Process

As part of our obligation to our regulators to maintain up-to-date client records including identification information, our Support Unit may contact you via phone number 1-868-627-2684 or email from to validate your information with us in a secured way.

Here's how you can ensure the request for information is legitimate:

  1. After you log in to the Scotia Caribbean App, you'll see a notification message requesting validation of information on your profile.
  2. You'll receive an email from our Support Unit asking you to contact us via phone or email at
  3. You may also receive an email from Scotiabank’s Secure Email Service via requesting you to sign in, view and respond to the secured message.
  4. At your next Branch visit, our representatives will request the information required.

Scotiabank will never ask you to enter your account number, credit card number, CVV or card expiry date on any of our OnLine Banking platforms. When you need to sign in to Scotia OnLine Banking, please safely do so by typing the following into your browser: or, use the Scotia Caribbean Mobile App.

Sending a request:

Log in to the Scotia Caribbean App and follow the instructions to update your personal information.

Contact the Support Unit via email at OR email your branch contact.

Follow the instructions in the secured email to send a picture of the requested information.

Provide the information requested at the nearest branch.

Need to reach out via telephone?

Call us on 1-868-612-6617 / 6618 or 1-868-623-5157