How-to customize Scotiabank Alerts 

Get ATM withdrawal Alerts, point of sale Alerts, set future dated transaction reminders, turn your credit card ON or OFF and more. 

Let's get started. 

Follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Tap "more" from account overview page

After signing in to the Scotia Caribbean App, tap "more" from the bottom navigation on the "Account Overview" page.

Account Overview screen of Scotia Caribbean app.

Step 2 - Select "Scotiabank Alerts"

On the "more" screen, choose "Scotiabank Alerts" from the list of options. 

More screen showing list of options.

Step 3 - Choose the alerts category you wish to customize

On the Scotiabank Alerts page, you will now be able to customize your alerts in 4 categories, including: 

  • Balance notifications 
  • Payment notifications
  • Transaction notifications
  • Security notifications

In this example, we will customize "Transaction Notifications".  The process however, is the same for the others. 

Alerts screen showing Notifications categories.

Step 4 - Select the type of alert you wish to customize

After clicking on "Transaction Notifications" you will now see all the alert options. Tap on one to activate and customize. 

In this example, we will choose "ATM Withdrawal".

Transactions Notifications drop-down menu of alert options.

Step 5 – Customize your Alerts

You can now customize each type of Alert on the below:

"Receive alerts by the following methods" - Select the type of alerts you wish to receive. You can choose "Email" and/or "App Notifications" 

"Receive alerts regarding the following accounts" – You can choose either "all" or the specific accounts and credit cards you wish to receive alerts about. 

"Threshold amount" - Here, you need to enter a dollar value. In this example we entered $1, so if any amount is withdrawn from an ATM, over $1 you would receive an alert via your chosen method. 

Once you're happy with your settings, tap "Save Changes". 

We recommend that you go ahead and customize all of your alert categories. 

Transactions Notifications drop-down menu showing Alert customization options.