Protect Your Privacy

Use caution before answering online and email requests for your personal information

Scotiabank will never present you with unexpected webpages or send you unsolicited emails asking for your confidential information, such as your password, PIN, Access Code, credit card, account number, security questions etc. We will never ask you to validate or restore your account access through unsolicited email.

Do not respond to unsolicited emails or websites that request personal information. Report any suspicious requests to Scotiabank immediately.

Protect your PIN and Password

Keeping your PIN and passwords secure is the key to keeping your money safe. While Scotiabank takes strong measures to ensure the security of your financial transactions and the confidentiality of your information, you play the most important role.

Your PIN and passwords are secret codes that allow you, and you alone, to access your accounts at Automated Teller Machines, Points of Sale Terminals, Scotia OnLine® and TeleScotia® Telephone Banking Services.

Please note that must never share your PIN/Passwords with any outside person or company, including:

  • Account aggregation services that consolidate and display all of your financial information in one place.
  • Software that records your password so that you don't need to enter it the next time you access a website.
  • Services that collect your card number and password, or any other confidential information, to perform transactions on your behalf or to collect payment from you.
  • Any other agreements you may make or services you accept which include your consent to having your Internet activity monitored.

In divulging your PIN/Passwords, you contravene the terms of your Personal Financial Services Agreement (PFSA) and you will be fully liable for any unauthorized access to your accounts and all associated losses arising from these disclosures.