Mutual Funds Asset Management Service

For our Premium Banking clients

As an additional service for Scotiabank Premium Banking clients, Scotiabank Mutual Funds – Asset Management Service (AMS) offers a simple, effective one-stop investment solution to help you reach your financial goals.

Scotiabank Mutual Funds – AMS features

Be confident your portfolio is always aligned to your goals – no matter what those goals may be or how they evolve.

Managed investment portfolios

Professionally designed and managed investment portfolios, each created to suit different investment goals. 

Start Here, Managed investment portfolios
Determine the portfolio that matches your needs

You and your Scotiabank Mutual Funds accredited sales representative will sit down to determine the portfolio that matches your specific needs and investment goals.

Review and rebalance your portfolio

Scotiabank Mutual Funds – AMS automatically reviews your portfolio every 3 months and rebalanced if needed at no cost.

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