Debit Card Processing


Shoppers enjoy the convenience of paying with debit cards, which can be good for your business. With Scotiabank Merchant Services, you can accept debit card payments easily and securely with any participating local debit card, VISA1 or MasterCard® debit card.

Give customers the flexibility to pay for a purchase with any participating local debit card, VISA1 or MasterCard® debit card.

Diversify your card acceptance options with both debit card and credit card processing to allow VISA1, MasterCard®, and American Express® sales.

Point of Sale Devices

Electronic Point of Sale (POS)

A convenient, secure way to accept credit card payments and speed up sales while minimising the risk of fraud and chargebacks. And with 3 point of sale terminal connectivity options available, Scotiabank will provide your business with a securely-connected dial-up, I.P. or wireless POS terminal for your specific needs.

M10 Hand-held device

M10 hand-held devices are the way to go! These mini terminals can fit into the palm of your hand and are the perfect solution for your mobile sales. This paperless device connects via your smart phone or tablet, which allows you to email receipts to your clients in real time.  The M10 acts as a simple collection device or can be integrated to update your records or stocks. 

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