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Experience a world of better off.

Your NEW Club S cards are here! Visit a Branch to get your NEW card ;-)

NOTE: Your expired Club S Card will no longer be accepted at Partner Merchants. 

Welcome to 

Members enjoy special rates, rebates and exclusive discounts at partner merchants. Simply open a Payroll Access Account, assign you salary & membership is free!


Visit the nearest Scotiabank branch to open a Payroll Access Account, today.


Designed with you in mind

Banking benefits 

Access to pre-approved offers.


No monthly service fee on Payroll Access Account

No fees:

  • On transactions at Scotiabank ATMs & POS machines
  • Annual membership waived in 1st year for all approved credit cards
  • Annual fee waived in 1st year for all approved Scotia Line Gold accounts

25% discount

  • On application fee for Mortgages and Scotia Plan Loans
  • On Mortgage appraisal fees

Unlimited self-service transactions and deposits at Scotiabank ATMs

  • Transfer between account holder’s Scotiabank accounts
  • Credit Card payments via Online Banking
  • Bill payments via Online Banking
  • Third Party transfers to other Scotiabank account holders via Online Banking

Lifestyle benefits

  • 25% off on Application Fee for Mortgages & Scotia Plan Loans
  • 25% rebate on Mortgage appraisal fees
  • Access to pre-approved offers
  • No monthly fees
  • No fees at Scotiabank ATMs
  • No annual fee in 1st year for all approved credit cards + more
  • No annual fee in the first year for all approved ScotiaLine Gold accounts
  • No Credit Bureau fee for new mortgages & loans
  • Unlimited self-service transactions

Merchant Offers

Unless stated otherwise, all minimum spends shown below are vat exclusive. View the Terms and Conditions: Scotiabank CLUB S Programme

Online & others




How do I sign up?

Open a Payroll Access Account at your nearest Scotiabank branch and assign your salary.

You'll need:

  • 1 form of valid ID.
  • A job letter (within 3 months) and/or last payslip.*
  • Proof of address within 3 months (e.g. utility bill in your name).
  • Fill out our Salary Reassignment form to assign your salary to your new Payroll Access Account.

How do I redeem at partner merchants?

  • Present your Card.
  • Pay with your Scotiabank Debit or Credit Card.

Already have a Scotiabank account?

  • Visit your home branch to convert your existing account to a Payroll Access Account.
  • Fill out our Salary Reassignment form to assign your salary to your new Payroll Access Account.
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More questions?

Check out the FAQ section.