$100 Polymer Banknote

Everything you need to know about the new $100 change out.

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$1000 Change Out

Introducing the new $100 bill


The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago has announced the introduction of a new $100 bill as a legal tender from December 9, 2019. The new bill is based on a polymer substrate and has significantly enhanced security features. Learn more about the $100 Polymer note.

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ATM Transactions

ATMs will continue to accept existing TT$100 until December 31, 2019. ATMs are currently dispensing the new polymer $100 bill at all Branch ATMs. See media centre for the latest info. 

We encourage you to continue using digital channels – point of sale, cash merchant services, online banking as far as possible to conduct transactions. 


Business, Commercial and Corporate customers

Given the particular situation, our Business, Commercial and Corporate customers will be required to utilise the night deposit facility during the month of December for making deposits. This is a more convenient and safe option that saves you time. If you do not have access to the night deposit facility, please speak with a branch representative for details.

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