Terms & Conditions

Consolidated T&C


Terms and Conditions

1.1   Definitions

The following definitions apply to these Terms and Conditions:

·          “Cardholder” means the credit card holder of eligible Scotiabank Aero credit cards

·         “Promotion” refers to this promotion and not any of the Bank’s other promotions or programs

·         “Promotional Period” refers to the period from June 22nd to October 31st, 2020 inclusive where AERO points can be redeemed for monetary credit to primary cardholders account.

·         “Scotiabank” and “The Bank” means Scotiabank Trinidad and Tobago Limited, Scotiabank (Bahamas) Limited, Scotiabank Barbados, Scotiabank (Belize), The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd, and Scotiabank (Turks & Caicos) Ltd.

·         “Confirmed request” refers to redemption request that is verified with customer by AERO Rewards

This Promotion is opened to legal residents of the Trinidad & Tobago, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Jamaica and Turks & Caicos who are 18 years of age or older. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the applicable laws of the named countries.

2.1   How to participate

Scotiabank Aero Visa Platinum Credit Cards, Scotiabank Aero MC Platinum Credit Cards and Aero Business Executive Mastercard Cardholders are being given the opportunity to redeem their Scotiabank Aero Rewards points for cashback/credit made to associated credit card accounts.


The minimum redemption requirement is 500 points. In order to redeem you must have sufficient points in your ScotiaPoints account to cover the full redemption being requested. Points will be redeemed and converted into local currency (see currency table below) and will be credited to the cardholder account within 15 business days of confirmed redemption request.

Currency Table


Each Scotia Points coverts to:



Trinidad & Tobago








Turks & Caicos



See the below matrix for an example of possible earnings.

Points Rewarded

TT $ Value

JM $ Value

BZ $ Value

BB $ Value

BS $ Value

TCI $ Value













































3.1   Eligibility

·         This Promotion is opened to legal residents of the English Caribbean who are Scotiabank AERO Platinum Credit Card Cardholders. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the applicable laws of their country. Eligibility is restricted to Scotiabank Cardholders whose account is in good standing and has not been blocked, frozen, stolen or fraudulently obtained, mislaid, lost or written-off, or delinquent within the past twelve (12) months.


4.1   Official rules and regulations

·         This Promotion will run from June  22nd,2020 to October 31st, 2020

·         Minimum redemption 500 ScotiaPoints

·         You can redeem all your points above the 500 ScotiaPoints threshold.

·         If you redeemed once and remaining point balance falls below 500 points the minimum threshold will still apply, you will not be able to redeem those points.

·         Cashback will be credited in local currency.

·         Credit can only be made to the primary cardholders credit card account.

·         Secondary/Supplementary cardholders cannot request or receive Points earned on the account.

·         Customer is required to make the minimum payment due as indicated in their credit card statement by the payment due date even if the amount of the Cashback Credit from redemption of Scotia Points is sufficient to cover the minimum payment due or the entire outstanding balance of the Card Account. Even though minimum payment is required full cashback credit is available for use and may even result in a credit balance towards future purchases.

·         ScotiaPoints will be deducted for any returns, credits or chargebacks made for previously billed Qualifying Purchases and in respect of which ScotiaPoints were previously awarded. Should the number of ScotiaPoints to be deducted in respect of such returns, credits or chargebacks exceed your available ScotiaPoints balances, cashback redemption requested may be delayed or cancelled. If request was fulfilled which resulted in negative ScotiaPoints balance, ScotiaPoints awarded in respect of subsequent Qualifying Purchases will be applied to reduce the negative balance in your ScotiaPoints Account. If customer request to close card prior to accumulating sufficient ScotiaPoints to cover negative ScotiaPoints balance then the cash back amount associated with the outstanding balance will be added to the credit card balance.

·         Scotiabank reserves the right in its absolute discretion to vary the terms and conditions of this Promotion or change or withdraw this Promotion at any time without giving any reason. In the event of a dispute arising from this Promotion, the Bank’s decision is final.

·         These terms and conditions apply only to this Promotion and do not apply to any of the Bank’s other promotions or programs or any other promotion or program in conjunction with the Bank and any other entity or brand.

·         In all matters relating to these promotions, the decision of the Bank shall be final and binding in all respects.

·         Requests can be made by:

a)      Calling the AERO rewards number assigned to your respective country.

o   Trinidad: Call (868) 627-2684

o   Jamaica: Call Toll Free Jamaica 1-888-4SCOTIA (726842) or Local in Jamaica 876-960-2675

o   Belize: Call (501) 227-2200

o   Bahamas: Call (242) 356-1697

o   Barbados: Call (246) 426-7000

o   Turks & Caicos: Call (246) 426-7000

b)      Emailing AERO Rewards at aeroteam@aerorewards.net


Scotiabank has the right to exclude any individual from this offer in its absolute discretion without any obligation to provide notice or reason.

The cashback will be credited to the applicable cardholder credit card account within 15 days from the date of redemption request.  Rewards (CASHBACK) paid, will not affect the existing ability to earn ScotiaPoints through the regular use of the selected Scotiabank Aero Platinum VISA, Aero MC Credit Cards or Aero Business Executive MC Credit Cards.

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