New Account Checklist

For Mortgage Loans

  • Agreement of Sale

  • Copy of Deed/Certi­ficate of Title

  • Valuation Report

  • Copies of Lease Receipts (if applicable)

  • Up-to-date land and building taxes and water rates

  • WASA Clearance Certi­ficate

  •        Two (2) forms of valid identi­fication (Identi­fication Card/Driver’s Permit/Passport)

  • Confirmation of savings/debit

  • Job letter & most recent pay slip

  • If self-employed, evidence to support income e.g filed income tax returns, financial statements for the last 6-12 months

  • For New Construction Loans

  • Approved building plans

  • Building contract

  • Builder’s detailed estimate

  • Quantity Surveyor’s Report

  • Cadastral Sheet (for the parcel of land)

  • Evidence of approvals for residential building/development

  • Projected valuation report

  • Builders/Contractors All Risk Insurance

  •        A copy of the Builder's Business License and Degree or Certificate as proof of competency; AND

  • List of completed projects and references in the past 24 months. Must include the following information:

  • Project/Structure Type (house, multiple unit dwelling, business, etc.)

  • Size/Value of Project

  • Reference Contact Information OR

  • Larger established builders referred by Commercial Lending are adequate

  • For non-residents

  • The two (2) forms of valid identi­fication to be notarized

  • Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) nationals to provide confi­rmation via copy of a Birth Certi­ficate and/or

  • T&T Passport/Identi­fication Card

  • Job letter to be notarized

  • Copies of ­led income tax returns (notarized) are required for at least two (2) years

  • Equifax and/or Experian and/or Transunion Credit

  • Report(s) required for all applicants

  • dlease note, this list may not include everything your specialist requires to complete your application

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