ScotiaLine Gold Personal Line of Credit

Right for you if: 

  • You want instant access to your credit

  • You want to borrow up to your established limit as often as you want

  • You deserve the financial freedom to get the things you want, when you want them. So whether it's an extended vacation or home renovations you have in mind, paying for it is easy with your ScotiaLine Gold Personal Line of Credit.

    Borrowing designed with your needs in mind

    Flexibility and convenience are what ScotiaLine Gold is all about. Apply for yours today and you can: 

  • Reduce your interest costs; interest is only charged on the balance you owe, at a rate lower than most personal loans

  • Save money by paying off higher-interest debts

  • Control your repayment schedule

  • Access funds by personalised cheque or ScotiaLine Gold card

  • Payments as low as interest only

  • Opt for a secured loan for even better terms

  • Choose optional credit protection

  • Take advantage of MasterCard travel benefits1

  • A ScotiaLine Gold Personal Line of Credit can make financial freedom a reality. Contact a Scotiabank branch for more details.                 

    Once it's yours, it's yours. For life.

    With a ScotiaLine Gold Personal Line of Credit, you'll never have to worry about filling out a loan application again. That's because your credit is always there for you. You don't need special approval to make a purchase and you don't need to reapply. Simply write a ScotiaLine Gold cheque or use your ScotiaLine Gold card to turn the things you want into reality. 

    Fees and Terms


    Secured or unsecured loans available 


    $600 TTD annual fee


    As a result of foreign currency shortages, effective immediately and until further notice, foreign currency limit restrictions shall apply to your total credit card and ScotiaLine Gold transactions. The total foreign exchange transactions, per customer, during a two (2) month period may not exceed the lesser of your total Credit Card and ScotiaLine limits or USD 10,000.00, whichever is applicable to you, whether or not you clear the balance.

    These limits do not apply to your TT dollar transactions within your existing credit card or ScotiaLine Gold limit.

    We remind customers that personal and business funds should not be co-mingled and this applies to credit card usage.

    Scotiabank reserves the right as stated in our Terms and Conditions to revise applicable limits from time to time or to cancel credit cards at any time with notice to you. 

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    Life can be full of surprises: a wedding, a graduation, a major purchase like a new car or boat, even a home renovation. A Personal Line of Credit is a great way to help you realize your dreams and enjoy those special moments in life. Scotiabank will show you the flexibility and freedom in borrowing the right way.

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